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Why Broad Left Blogging?

At the last election people voted for something different though they were not quite sure what. The result was the current Coalition which whatever you think about it has introduced some ferment into progressive politics. Liberal Democrats are in government after a long period of exile with all the attendant problems that poses mediating between progressive ambition and the dreaded ‘art of the possible’. Labour, on the opposition benches, are going through the process of serious soul-searching while the Green’s have followed up their council successes with the election of Britain’s first Green MP. Beyond the more established parties (including the Greens for the purposes at least of this paragraph) the fractured far-left produced the usual poor returns.

The financial crash has made people think about whether the status-quo really is good enough or even practicable in providing what they want from life. Sure, they are not manning the barricades (yet, social unrest in the future is distinctly possible) but they are starting to demand that things change and that they change for the better. This presents the progressive left, in the broadest sense of the word, with historically unique opportunities. The challenges remain broadly the same as they have ever done; to establish a common direction of march and to rise above the sometimes fundamental, sometimes profoundly silly, things that divides it. For a creed that emphasises the importance of collective power and using it for the common good the left has a hard time putting this into practice when it comes to its own politics.

This blog is an attempt to help bring about that about and contribute to the process of the left seizing this historic moment


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