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Introducing Marx the Finger Puppet: Sheffield Demonstration…

To spice up the blog, we are intending to introduce a new feature where Marx the finger puppet’s (included in the pictures below) travels will be documented within the context of increasing protests against the economic madness being implemented by this government.

Following the comprehensive spending review, Marx took to the streets in Sheffield!


Hardened revolutionaries are not deterred by the rain: ask Lenin.

Workers of the world unite; and don't forget you're brolly!


Marx tries to see who is calling for a general strike...

This is just like the Paris Commune; except, colder and wetter!

Organising a revolution is thirsty work!


The illogicality of capitalism: use value (sizeable chair) exceeded to maximise exchange value... The end for now; make sure to join Marx on his next journey!




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2 Responses

  1. Ruth says:

    Marx looked like he coped well with the rain, looked a bit lonely though, dosent he have a friend to travel with?

  2. Ha, don’t worry! There will be some guest appearances! Don’t worry:D

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