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How to support our troops in Afghanistan – Bring them home

Councillor Dr. Rupert Read. Rupert Read has been a Green Party City Councillor in Norwich since 2004, to find out more about Rupert visit his blog and twitter.

It’s right that we should honour our war dead. But it is terribly important that such remembrance doesn’t get confused with the cause for which they fought. Because sometimes (e.g. WW2) that cause is more honourable than others (e.g. Iraq, Afghanistan).
The British soldiers who are now dying in Afghanistan are not in reality dying to preserve our peace and freedom. They are dying to save the government’s (and the Americans’) face, and to prop up a corrupt unelected puppet regime in Kabul. This is a terrible betrayal. Our government is lying to them about the cause for which they are fighting.

It’s important that we don’t betray them by pretending that the cause for which they are fighting is democracy, peace and freedom.. It’s important that we remember them and their fallen comrades, especially at this time of year. And it’s equally important that we support our troops in the best possible way we can: by undercutting lies about what the occupation of Afghanistan is really about, and by bringing them home.

p.s. For more info on what the ‘war’ in Afghanistan has really become, information which sadly you won’t hear on the BBC, read the scintillating piece nested here:


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