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#No2AV meltdown…

Councillor Dr. Rupert Read. Rupert Read has been a Green Party City Councillor in Norwich since 2004, to find out more about Rupert visit his blog and twitter.

The #No2AV campaign appear to be having a bit of a crisis… 

Last week they published a list of 114 Labour MPs.  Within a matter of hours it emerged that at least one MP on the list had not given them his consent. By yesterday, the count was up to 5.

it turns out that Barry Sheerman MP, far from being a No supporter, is an outspoken Yes campaigner. 

This of course comes after they wrongly declared that Michael Gove was a supporter.

They do seem to be in a mess about this. While are, it seems to me, going from strength to strength!

Maybe the problem is in part that the No campaign are in fact run by a bunch of right-wing nasties from the Tax-Payers Alliance and the Tories. Maybe that is why they have no accurate idea about what is going on inside Parties such as Labour and the Greens in terms of AV, and why they therefore not-infrequently, deliberately or as a result of cock-ups (as seems to be the case in this case), spread misinformation about the matter…

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